Dream Mountain Way

The Dream Mountain way is an approach to deeply committed practice within the circumstances of this world. The principles and practices constitute a complete approach that can be rigorously perused. The practices are designed to be able to work in conjunction with other programs to allow for more complete training.

The Dream Mountain Way acknowledges that in the modern age to practice has to be self-directed to a large degree. But as we operate from our conditioning it is very easy for us to pursue that which supports our egos as opposed to that which works to transcend it. This program lays out a complete body of practices along with supporting principles toward this end. If working with an existing, complementary system that simply doesn’t provide a complete body of practices, one can use these practices to fill in gaps. In many ways it is an approach, an embodiment of commitment.

Traditional approaches relied on being in a full time training environment to simulate commitment until it naturally arose. The Dream Mountain approach is to make our very lives a full time training environment. As Wayseeking Mind ripens and commitments deepen we can engage ever more fully with this body of practices.

Dewdrops on Stinging Nettles

The Dream Mountain practices are presented in a small pocket book that can be carried with one wherever one goes. This book in constantly being revised and printed in small quantities. New printings will incorporated additions, revisions and updates to the practices. A selection of the practices are available digitally so as to always be accessible on ones mobile devices.

More information on these texts can be found here: Dewdrops on Stinging Nettles

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